Put your business in front of 2000 potential buyers every month by listing your Medical, Dental or Allied Health Practice with us †

If you need an appraisal for your medical practice, allied health clinic or dental practice for any the following reasons we can help:

  • You are thinking of selling & want to know what your clinic will likely fetch.
  • A clinic restructure such as a partner buy-in or buy-out.
  • An internal purchase from one of your clinical staff.
  • A partnership opportunity from an external party.
  • Partnership break-up.
  • Divorce including Family Court proceedings.
  • Legal & tax reasons.

Why you should use Healthcare Practice Sales to appraise your medical practice, allied health clinic, or dental practice?

We have been appraising medical & healthcare practices since 2010, we are ethical and trusted clinic appraisers; we only appraise medical & allied healthcare practices, we are specialists in this field.

We will appraise both the goodwill of the practice as well as the medical & other equipment within the practice.

There is no specific license in Australia as to who can do medical practice or allied health clinic appraisals. Hence, any broker, accountant, etc. can claim to do one. However, they will most likely not have the industry knowledge nor the comparable sales to base their appraisals on & instead may just use a ‘general’ formula that applies to any general business (e.g. manufacturing or building businesses) which does not work when appraising a healthcare business.

As your clinic appraiser rest assured that your appraisal will be credible, accurate and reliable with a detailed report being delivered to cover various aspects including our methodology. Plus, we will give you post appraisal support if you require it.

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