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Multi-disciplinary practices are highly sought after by business owners across Australia, as they have been constructed with the ideal setup for providing a variety of medical services in one convenient location. Different medical specialities require unique setups; a physiotherapist will undoubtedly need different facilities to a physiotherapist. This is something that many multi-disciplinary practices are able to offer under one roof. People generally prefer frequenting places that offer many different services in the one location, meaning that they are able to receive attention for different complaints and conditions without needing to travel far.

If you’re interested in listing your practice, or you’re browsing the ones currently for sale, speak to one of our business brokers today.

Listing a Multi-Disciplinary Practice

The process of listing multi-disciplinary practices is made much easier with the assistance of a business broker. At Healthcare Practice Sales, we are committed to successfully selling your multi-disciplinary business to the right buyer, and compiling listings that are currently for sale. When you work with our team, you’ll benefit from our years of experience brokering sales of practices, negotiating to get you the best price for your business. This process typically begins with a appraisal of your business, then creating a customised sales prospectus and plan to move forward. With free online listing and a targeted marketing strategy, there’s a reason why we’re the go-to broker.

A Respected Multi-Disciplinary Business Broker

If you’re interested in listing your multi-disciplinary practices, or you’d like to browse ones that are for sale, speak to our business brokers today. Healthcare Practice Sales specialise in the sale and appraisal of a variety of healthcare practices. To enquire about having your practice valued, send us an email at or reach us on 1300 652 361.