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At Healthcare Practice Sales we are experts in our field. We act as mediators or some may call us, ‘the middle man’ between buyers and sellers in the sale process when selling your clinic.

Selling a clinic can be a complex and lengthy process. There are many aspects to consider when listing your clinic for sale. You need to make sure you explore all of these aspects.

Hiring an experienced practice broker has many perks, here are just a few;

Valuing Your Clinic

Putting a value on a clinic is very different to appraising a house or land for sale. The value is never calculated from just one factor, there are countless variables to consider. For example; comparable market sales, capitalisation of profit, percentage of turnover, patient statistics, opportunity for growth and many many more!!
Every clinic is different. There are no two alike. At Healthcare Practice Sales, we will break down each facet of the valuation process to ensure each aspect of your clinic is valued at its best.

Taking Emotion Out Of It

Selling your clinic can be quite an emotionally draining process. You have worked for years, put your heart and soul into your clinic. When it comes time to sell, you may find it hard to make the necessary decisions which will help you progress towards your new goal of selling. You may procrastinate wondering if your next step is ‘right’ for the clinic and for you.
As we are well established & experienced, we will be composed and confident throughout the sale process without having the emotional attachment. Avoiding mistakes to get you the best possible outcome.


Our inquiry process is detailed and precise. We will weed out the time wasters by screening potential buyers to determine who is serious and who is ‘just fishing’. This ultimately will save you loads of time and energy.
We will only provide information to prospects who have been pre-qualified and signed confidentiality agreements.

Marketing & Advertising

At Healthcare Practice Sales we are the experts when it comes to marketing your clinic. We know who, what, where and when is the best marketing strategy for your clinic.
We will represent your clinic in the best light to maximize the asking price and increase interest.

Increase Your Audience

At Healthcare Practice Sales we have resources and databases full of potential leads ready to go! Pools of potential buyers just waiting to be informed of your clinic listing. Why grasp at straws when we are literally a click away from an audience of hundreds being told about YOUR clinic for sale.

Negotiation skills 

How to do you handle confrontation? Some buyers and sellers find this process very intimidating and stressful. What if they put in an offer LOWER than I am willing to accept? How do I respond without them walking away? What if they don’t perceive the clinic the way I do?
At Healthcare Practice Sales we have excellent negotiating skills. We can ask the hard questions and discuss the finer details of a sale with tact and confidence.

Staying focused

Let’s face it, selling a clinic can take time! It doesn’t happen overnight and can take patience. We will maintain focused on your sale throughout the sale process. We understand that finding the right buyer, is a process within itself.

We are with you from the start to the end. At Healthcare Practice Sales we are actively working on your clinic sale every day behind the scenes while you can focus on running the clinic and making sure it is maintaining consistency and perhaps even growth!


At Healthcare Practice Sales our staff has years of experience, we understand the whole process of a clinic sale. We have the ability to sympathies with your situation with experience and knowledge, which is extremely reassuring. We understand that at the time of sale, emotions can be running high and it can be hard letting go. For many practice owners, this is a once in a lifetime event. Our role is to reassure you of the necessary steps to lead you to your new goal of selling your clinic.