So, you’ve decided to sell your practice. After years of hard work, time and effort, building it up, you have decided now is the time to sell. Now what are your first steps? Valuations? Telling your friends and colleagues? Let’s slow down and think about this. Someone isn’t going to just see a for sale sign in your window and walk in off the street, there’s a lot that goes into selling your practice. A major part in selling your practice is how you market it to potential buyers, there are so many ways to go about the marketing of your practice, here are a few major points to remember when marketing your practice for a sale.

Social Media:
Social Media is the future of modern marketing, 91% of companies use social media in some form or another, and when it comes to selling be it a house, business or practice social media is crucial. From Facebook to Linked in, choosing the right platform to market your practice is crucial in how quickly and easily you want your clinic sold. Facebook is the largest social media website around and using a Facebook page for your practice will be a massive help in selling. When it comes to LinkedIn, it isn’t as big with Facebook having 10 million people active in Australia everyday while Linked in have 3.7 million users total in Australia. LinkedIn is a still a huge platform especially in a more professional space. Getting your practice on these social media platforms will give you a huge boost when trying to sell your practice.

Standing Out:
When you’re marketing your practice for a sale, you want people to easily see what you’re selling of course, but also you don’t want it to be just some sales ad that potential buyers will breeze by, making your practice stand out with a title that gets people interested and a photo that relates to something about your clinic can be the difference between your listing and a listing that may be ignored by a potential buyer.

Finding the Right Buyers:
You can have the best title and post 20 updates a day on Facebook about the practice you are trying to sell, but if you’re not making sure the right people see it there’s a small chance the right person is going to come a long and make you an offer. When it comes to marketing your practice for a sale, you need to make sure it will have the most exposure to the right buyers instead of being wasted. To make sure you are getting the right people looking at your listing, make sure your Facebook is shared with the right people and your LinkedIn is focused on your field to maximise views and potential buyers seeing your practice.

Selling a practice is hard work and when it comes to the marketing side there’s a lot that goes into it, but we here at Healthcare Practice Sales can handle all of it for you, from Facebook to LinkedIn and all the most relevant websites & journals. When you want all the best marketing sorted out for you contact us at Healthcare Practice Sales and we can do the work for you so that your clinic gets SOLD!