The way you conduct your clinic inspection can make all the difference to the potential sale of the clinic, so make sure you tie up all the loose ends, and most importantly allow time to show the buyer through.

Tips to get your clinic inspection right:
Think of the clinic inspection as a first date with your prospective buyer; you only get one chance to make a lasting impression.
While it’s common knowledge to de-clutter and clean every nook and cranny in the clinic, what is the key to making your clinic stand out so that it has the best chance to sell for a great price and quickly?

Well-presented suggests well maintained:
It’s important to remember that a well-presented clinic gives buyers the impression that the clinic & building is well maintained and suggests to them that the chances of encountering hidden problems post-sale are minimal.

You are permanently on show:
Although your inspection may only take place when there are no patients or staff around & only after it has all been booked in, there is a good chance you will have the buyer driving by to look at the clinic and assessing it at other times.
Also, with some buyers, they may request a 2nd inspection to ‘see the clinic in action’ during a normal shift. These inspections are only generally only granted to serious & qualified buyers & when they do occur the buyer is asked to act not as a buyer but as a fellow practitioner, business mentor, etc. so as to not alert staff or patients.

Best presentation:
Some tips on taking the potential buyer thru are:
1. Make sure your front of the clinic, car park, etc. are well kept and maintained.
2. Remove all junk at the reception desk, the waiting room, treating rooms.
3. Avoid having rubbish out for collection on the kerbside.
4. Allow enough time to take the buyer thru to show them all parts of the clinic, your equipment, software and so on plus time to answer questions. Allow at least 1 hour of non-interrupted time.
5. Make sure no patients or staff will be there during that time.

Other tips and ideas:
1. Buy fresh flowers, even if it is simply a centrepiece for the reception desk.
2. Straighten and align certificates and art on walls.
3. Leave all internal lights and lamps on during inspection.
4. Feel free to answer questions from the buyer but DO NOT answer any questions you are NOT comfortable with & refer this back to us at HealthCare Practice Sales. The same goes for questions on price, offers & negotiation – refer this back to us.