It can happen to every practice owner, they reach a point where, for any number of reasons, they need a change. A lot of clinic owners have been through the struggle to build up their practice or practices, have had staff and colleagues that have resigned or retired & moved away, and accumulated more equipment that they could possibly ever need. It is not unusual in your advanced years to come to a loose end, and be forced to ask yourself “what do I do next with my practice?”

It is times like these that you might want to start looking at other practices for sale. Selling your clinic may seem just as nerve-wracking as acquiring it in the first place was, but if you find yourself overwhelmed with clients, empty rooms never being entered or more maintenance work than you need to be dealing with, maybe it is time to think about downsizing to smaller practice.

Capitalise on the Value of your Practice.

Let us not overlook one of the best reasons for downsizing your clinic, the potential financial gain. Looking at the recent rapid increases in practice prices, it is not unreasonable to assume all that extra room you’re sitting on could turn into a tidy profit. You can old use this profit from selling to find yourself a smaller practice or maybe even go more rural.

Free Yourself from Hoarding Equipment

Even if you have not purchased new equipment in a while, chances are you have still accumulated alarming amounts of stuff over the years. If every nook and cranny inside your practice is threatening to overflow or storing something in your storage areas requires professional skills, you might be in desperate need of a clear out. When looking at downsizing and selling your practice, the sale will include the practice equipment. This is an easy way to clear out your unused equipment and use the profits of the sale to purchase new equipment if necessary.

It is not an easy decision, as there can be a lot of sentimental attachment to your allied health practice. Still, the argument for downsizing is very compelling. It is the happiness of the practice owner that really matters.

So, if you are looking to downsize & or move location & need your clinic sold, please contact us at Healthcare Practice Sales. Then, of course, we can also find you that smaller clinic for you to buy.