Across Australia, Allied Health Practices are adapting to the new COVID-19 world. Within a short space of time, practices have needed to adapt to the plethora of new rules and regulations that are required to be followed to make sure your clinic is staying safe to minimise the risk of COVID-19. Allied Health Practitioners are key providers of care and support for the Australian community, COVID-19 has brought the importance of practitioners into sharp focus, with support required across demographics, geographies, and age groups and in different settings. While the public narrative focuses on new cases and flattening the curve, a significant percentage of the population continues to need help managing pain, injuries, and other health issues.

Even when your practice is listed for sale and potentially due to be sold, managing your clinic and adapting to the COVID-19 restrictions is crucial and in turn will have a positive effect when it comes to the handover and keeping your staff, patients, and everyone involved as safe as possible.

Prepare before Patients Arrive:
Preparing your practice before patients even arrive is a key part of keeping your clinic as safe as possible. Making sure you know how many bookings you have coming through the day and laying out the clinic to accommodate the social distancing rules is one way to maximize the safety of your staff and patrons.

Making sure your clinic is sanitized and all equipment is cleaned and prepared for new clients is necessary work that needs to be done. This partnered with providing hand sanitizing stations, masks, and contactless forms, and pay stations will help keep your clinic running as best as possible in preparation for a sale.

A key stage for practice purchasers is inspecting the clinic they are interested in. In the past, this has never been in an issue but in the times of COVID-19 it is the duty of the potential purchaser and seller to make sure everyone is involved is as safe as possible. Making sure social distancing is occurring and that the practice is sanitized before and after the inspection are crucial elements to making sure the clinic is maximising the safety of everyone involved.

With the world adapting to a COVID-19 world, the rise of Zoom has been one of the most popular new applications being used on a daily basis. Zoom can be a crucial tool when organising meetings and any conversations be it with your staff, potential buyers or legal team.

Don’t Let COVID-19 impact your dreams of selling. We had a large number of buyers in the market before the coronavirus hit and most of these buyers are still contacting us looking to purchase high-quality clinics. You too can take advantage of the current situation. If you are considering selling your practice, would like to know more about our unique selling program or to get your practice valued feel free to call us on 1300 652 361 for a no-obligation chat. We’d love to help.