Have you ever thought of getting out of the hustle and bustle of the big city? Swapping the high rises of the concrete jungle for sun rises over fields of green. Moving to a small regional or rural town is becoming a dream for a lot of Australians, especially the older generations and yes, over two-thirds of Australians live in coastal major cities and all big businesses flourish in the biggest cities, but cities are not for everyone and if you are thinking of getting away you are not the only one.

Of course, moving away from the hubs of Australian business comes with some negatives, some of these include a smaller population and in turn a smaller client base. A lesser availability to resources, be that medical and business. Even though the population is smaller it definitely does not mean there is a lesser need for medical practices and other allied health clinics, in fact with the smaller population in turn there is less medical practitioners and medical professionals and there is a great need for a good well run medical practice or allied healthcare clinic. With less practices around it makes the chance of your practice being successful and people coming from a huge radius of small country towns to come to your practice and be even more successful than being based in a busy city where there is a similar practice to yours 50 metres down the road.

Another positive of making the switch is the lifestyle. Living in a small relaxed country town will instantly lower stress than being surrounded by high rise buildings and non-stop traffic, imagine having a 5-minute drive home through the country side or even being able to walk home instead of being stuck in traffic for 20 plus minutes or coming back to your car to see parking ticket after parking ticket. When living in the country you can spend your days off enjoying the fresh air and relaxing on your plot of land looking out over fields of green, instead of a flat pallet of grey buildings and still being stuck in traffic be it weekday or weekend.

Some things to remember if you are considering making the move to a smaller regional town is that yes it will be difficult and yes, the location is still important, you don’t want to move into a town with 1 or more practices already and been struggling to get your practice up and running. But if you can find the right town and area for what you have and want to make the switch can be one of the best moves for your practice and make a huge positive impact on your life.

If you are considering buying a practice in a regional area, feel free to contact us here at Healthcare Practice Sales and we can find the right practice for you.