So, you’ve been running your medical clinic for a few years. You love the building you’re in, and everything is running perfectly, but is there something missing? You notice some stains on the carpets, scratches and marks on the walls and rust on some of the fixtures and fittings, you know what that means? It’s time for some renovations and a fresh coat of paint. Renovating your healthcare practice doesn’t have to mean closing your practice for weeks and losing out on potential patients. There are a few things to keep in mind when you’re thinking of renovating and the most important to think about, no matter what position you are in financially, is the cost of everything. Here are few ways to cut down on the spending but still make some positive changes and repairs to your practice.

Cost of New Equipment:
The cost of all the changes you want done should be your first thought when renovating. Yes, we all want the nicest carpets and furniture, but you should always consider other means of making these changes more cost effective. Finding cheap furniture is an easy thing to now a day with big retailers having sales seemingly every week and people using buy and sell websites to get rid of almost the entire contents of their home basically for free. If you’re thinking of getting new chairs for your reception area, instead of spending $100 on one brand new chair try local advertisements and selling websites. It’s easy to find people or even other clinics selling chairs in bulk for the same price you’ll pay for a singular chair from a premium retailer. Finding cheaper furniture and equipment to spruce up your practice isn’t limited to just chairs, have a look at one of your local buy and sell websites and you will find plenty of cheaper alternatives that will help spice up your practice.

Repair Cost:
All the little stains and marks around your clinic will add up if you are going to get a professional in. A good way to save money when it comes to repairs is to not try and get everything fixed in one go. It is a good idea to list all the repairs you need to make and then only get the most important problems fixed first. You can put off the minor repairs to another time when it’s going to be easier and more beneficial to get them fixed. Using your time and money efficiently to fix the “major” problems will be more beneficial than running around like a headless chicken trying to get everything fixed in a small span of time. Another way to save yourself some pennies when it comes to repairs is to fix them yourself instead of hiring someone. Grabbing your tool box and tightening some screws will only cost you your Saturday afternoon, a small price to pay to save yourself potentially hundreds of dollars.

It is true that each clinics renovation is going to be different. A small rural chiropractic clinic that has a sole practitioner is probably going to have a whole lot less issues and a smaller need to renovate than a big city multi-disciplinary practice that has hundreds of clients through the door a day. When you are thinking of renovating it is important to make sure it is not going to negativity effect your finances and that you have the time to get it all done, a practice that hasn’t been renovated still looks better than a practice half way through renovating.

If you’ve recently renovated your practice and are thinking making the most of your hard work and selling. Contact us here at Healthcare Practice Sales and we will make sure you get the most from all your work and sell your clinic for you.