If you are selling your healthcare practice, you will need to take some great photographs and be prepared to show prospects around.

Run an objective eye over your practice – is it ready? Below are some tips to make your practice look as good as it can.

  • De-clutter

The last thing you want is prospects to get distracted by clutter. Run your eye over each room before you photograph it or show prospects through. Are there extension cords you could tuck away? Loose papers on desks? Give the surfaces a wipe down and remove all unnecessary clutter and personal photographs etc.

File your paperwork. Are desks covered with trays overflowing with paperwork? No-one likes filing, but it needs to be done. Desks should be clean and uncluttered.

Magazines and other reading material, can look really tired. Go through and throw out anything that is older than a year, and purchase a few varied recent magazines. It’s a small cost and can make a difference.

  • Photographing your Practice

The aim is to have a room look in perspective by having straight walls. Try to get the walls straight up and down. All too often people think that shooting up high and looking down on a room is the way to make a room look appealing. If you are using a tripod, lower your tripod to below shoulder height and keep your camera level, not pointing toward the ground.

If you have access to a tripod, take advantage of it. Basic tripods come with the standard bracket needed to affix your camera, and this will allow you to capture a sharp photo, minimizing hand held camera blur.

Stay out of reflections – There is nothing worse than viewing potential home photos, only to notice the photographer is in the mirror or window reflection. Shoot from an angle that eliminates you from the mirror, allowing you to capture the highlights of that room.

Light is important in real estate photography. No one likes dim, dark and dull as it is not attractive to potential buyers. Open all the curtains and blinds to let natural light highlight any shadows. It is also a great idea to turn on all lights inside to have a little bit of artificial light to help with the shot. Do not aim at the window.

Remove personal items – When you are shooting your healthcare clinic to SELL, it is important to remove all the personal items from the photo. A potential prospect is hoping to picture himself/ herself in your clinic, meaning that personal photos and items should be hidden from the shot.

Stand back! Get in the far corner of a treatment room and try to get as much of the room in as possible. Taking a photo of a desk or a computer is not going to look good in a prospectus.

Below is a list of what prospects like to see in the Sales Prospectus:

  • A good outdoor shot, showing practice and signage.
  • All treatment / consultation rooms (showing as much of the room as possible) – clutter removed
  • Reception
  • Waiting area
  • Particular features – if you have stock and it’s nicely displayed for example