It’s that time of year again, the decorations are going up left, right and centre and everyone is starting to get deep into holiday mode. This time of year, is meant to be a relaxing time but your medical clinic has just gone on the market? That’s not relaxing is it? OK let’s relax. Your practice being on the market isn’t meant to be a stressful time and especially at Christmas. Like everything in life, being on the market at this time of the year has its positives and negatives, but don’t stress, it’s Christmas you’ve got to keep relaxed.

Of course, there are negatives when it comes to listing this time of the year. One of the most common things that happens this time of year is people going on holiday, and that means buyers aren’t looking to buy and it’s true that a lot of people do go on holiday, but buyers are still around. Not everyone goes on holiday or isn’t paying attention to the market, there are plenty of potential buyers around so don’t feel like you can’t list just because of Christmas.

Putting your practice on the market this time of the year has many positives. This time of year, a lot of practitioners avoid putting their practice on the market, but that can be a positive for you. If there are less clinics on the market at one time it means the potential buyers who are looking around have a greater chance of finding your listing and not getting lost in the sea of practice listings. Christmas is also where a lot of people treat it as a time to spoil themselves and spend their hard-earned money from the year. You can take advantage of this and put your practice on the market and give them something to spend their money on. Another big advantage of this time of year is that there aren’t tyre kickers out there looking to waste your time. A lot of the buyers looking around at Christmas are looking at starting their new medical practice within the New Year and will be very serious about getting a deal negotiated out there as soon as possible.

When it comes to Christmas it is meant to be a relaxing time for everyone, and when it comes to trying to sell your medical clinic its up to you. Don’t be afraid to not list this time of year, go on holiday, relax, enjoy your end to the year. Remember also there are positives to listing this time of year as well.

If you’re thinking of selling your practice at this time of the year or thinking of going onto the market in the new year contact us at Healthcare Practice Sales and we will help you with everything.