Staying motivated during the life cycle of the sale can be tough. Often, after the decision to sell has been made, all motivation for running the healthcare clinic evaporates. In your mind, you’ve moved on. So how do you stay focused and motivated and manage your expectations whilst selling your practice? Below are some tips to ease you through the process.

Write down the goal! Your “what”

“My goal is to sell a viable healthcare clinic; therefore, I need to stay motivated during the sales process.”

Write down your Reason! Your “why”

Why are you selling. “My family and I have decided to move to the country for a better lifestyle.”

Write down your Methodology! Your “How”

“I will engage the services of the experts so I can continue doing what I do best (running the practice). This will enable us to sell at a premium and be the best outcome for our family”.

Get Help if you need it

Help to sell your clinic, help to run your clinic, help with the housework – whatever it takes. If you need help to continue – get it. Your team of experts should take away a lot of stress.

Don’t go to the Pity Party

Instead of thinking “why me, why is it taking so long” “I just want to move on”, remember everyone selling a business or healthcare clinic goes through the same emotions. Set realistic expectations, and don’t give up. Stay determined.

Plan ahead!

What things can you put in place to give you a boost when you are feeling low? Pictures of your “why” or ideal outcome perhaps, affirmations, talking to people who have done what you are doing. If you feel like giving up remind yourself of your “why”.