When selling your practice through Healthcare Practice Sales there will come a time in the process where a potential purchaser will arrange a time to meet with you and inspect your clinic. Making sure your practice looks as aesthetically pleasing as possible before the inspection is key to leaving a lasting impression on the buyer and putting them into a positive mindset when putting forward an offer for your practice.

Below are 4 simple ways to maximize the overall look and feel of your practice before an inspection.

1. Embrace natural light
With warmer days comes more sun, so open the blinds and bask in the natural light. Instead of switching on every light in the clinic, pull back the curtains and let the sunshine light the more open areas of the clinic. If your practice doesn’t have many windows, use large mirrors to reflect light and brighten up the rooms. Mirrors can also give the illusion of a bigger space, making your clinic feel brighter, larger, and clearer.

2. Go Green
Adding potted plants or flowers to your practice is a great way to bring the outdoors in. Not only do they provide beautiful focal points, they also give off little hits of oxygen. Visit your local nursery for some fresh greenery or, for all those black thumbs out there, faux plants will still give off a fresh green look without all the hassle and maintenance.

3. A Good Clean
Simply taking some time to go through and thoroughly clean your practice is a key way of making sure your clinic is refreshed and well prepared for a potential buyer to inspect and see the true beauty of your practice. Remember, the closer the clean is to the date and time of the inspection, the better.

4. Re-arrange the Furniture
Most practices find one way to place furniture and leave it that way forever. But you can instantly update your clinic space in a matter of minutes by trying a slightly-out-of-the-box floor plan. The newness this creates is invigorating and creates a fresh floor plan and perspective.
These simple, affordable tips can help you easily refresh your clinic space and potentially even help a potential purchaser fall even more in love with your practice for sale.