Owning a practice is a huge task, there are so many big and little things that you oversee, from rent, to making sure the clinic kept clean, but guess what, every practice owner deals with those things. Every practice owner must pay their rent, make sure everything is clean and ultimately make sure that the practice they own is running as smoothly as possible. So, what can you do to stand out from these other practices? In certain places around Australia there are 4-6 clinics on one street let alone one town. For these practices to run successfully they must have something that separates them from one another, be that one may offer hydrotherapy, have a gym or state of the art X-ray machine. Depending on your modality there are many appliances, specialities and marketing tools you can invest in to make your clinic the flashiest around, but there a few things that don’t cost a cent and have much more of an impact when trying to make your practice stand out in the sea of other clinics that are out there.

Active Social Media:
Having an active social media for your clinic is guaranteed to make your clinic draw in more attention and in turn more clients. Tools such as Facebook and Instagram are free advertising, use them to show exactly what you offer to thousands of people a day with the push of a button. Post photos of the clinic, blog posts and information about what is coming up for your clinic. Make offers and specials for clients who enquire through social media and keep in contact with clients so that they have a connection with you and your clinic and always keep them coming back, make a connection. Social media is the best way to market your practice and connect to thousands of potential clients a day. Just remember when you’re signed into your personal Facebook and not your practices.

Stick to your values:
When you decided to open a medical practice be it a Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Podiatry, etc. you had a goal insight, an image in your head of what you wanted your practice to look like and how you wanted it run. It is important not to stray from what you want the clinic to be, if you are running a small-town podiatry clinic with a simple way of going about your business you shouldn’t try and implement all new modalities, specialisations and bring in all new technologically advanced equipment because another local practice has done that. If you stick to your values and how you want your clinic to be run it will show and the clients will notice. Most of the clients from small family run practices are clients for life. You, talking and building relationships with your clients is going to make your practice more successful than any specialist equipment will.

Customer Service:
Customer service is the number 1 most important thing to make sure that not only does your practice stand out in a positive way, but also your practice stays running with a solid client base who want to keep coming back to your practice. Making sure that you and all your staff are always delivering the highest level of customer service that they possibly can, will be noticed by every single client that walks through your door and working in tandem with your active social media avenues, clients will leave positive reviews and comments on your page, making your clinic stand out even more compared to others, and yes not every client will take the time to write a review but even 1 or 2 positive reviews a week can go a long way towards your practice standing out from the crowd.

Making sure your practice stands out is crucial to the longevity of the clinic or clinics you are running. There are a lot of things to remember when trying to get your practice to stand out from the crowd but following these simple steps and most importantly making sure you are putting 110% effort in your clinic will make sure that your hard work pays off.
If you’ve got a practice that you know stands out from the crowd and are interested in getting an appraisal or selling, contact us at Healthcare Practice Sales and we will make sure you get the most from your hard work.