After several years of steady growth in the healthcare clinic sales market, we have just noticed a slight downturn recently due to COVID-19. More recently (in the last 3 to 4 weeks) there are signs that we are already coming out of that short downturn however, at this point in time you could say that it is a clinic buyer’s market.

I would like to share with you a few effective practices and ideas that have helped the team at Healthcare Practice Sales get our clinic listings sold during this short downturn.

We start marketing the clinic the moment it is ready to be listed.
Once we have completed the practice appraisals & have the sales prospectus ready to go it’s time to get to work with the following:

Harness the power of social media
We will ‘hit’ social media with your practice sale using Facebook & LinkedIn, etc. Social media marketing to sell a clinic these days certainly brings in qualified buyers.

Let our qualified buyer’s data base know
We will notify all the buyers on our data ASAP, they will be informed that your clinic is for sale, this is done via an email blast on the day of listing. On top of this certain buyers on our data base will be contacted by phone or SMS – these are the buyers that we have identified who we believe will be extremely interested in your sale.

List on the website
A featured listing on our website is bound to catch the attention of buyers who are looking to purchase a practice regardless of whether they are Googling “Physiotherapy Clinic for sale”, “Podiatry Clinic for sale” or “GP Clinic for sale” or they may come to our website because of a referral.

List elsewhere online
We list your clinic for sale on many other sites online such as Medfin and Bobs Flatmates, these websites help your listing get maximum exposure to potential buyers and interests that may not be part of our large buyers’ database.

Advertise online using professional association websites
We use are large number of association websites to get your clinic sold, an example of some of these include Classifieds 4 Physios through the Australian Physiotherapy Association, the Australian Chiropractors Association Classifieds and the Australian Podiatry Association Classifieds. These are just 3 of the many online association websites we can use when advertising your clinic.
We can also place print ads in the related association journal however this is not immediate as it takes time for the journal to be produced & distributed to its professional members.

Our results
As you can see, we do the utmost to market your clinic sale ASAP. The outcome is multiple inquiries per clinic listing from these various marketing activities. As these inquiries come in, we qualify them to see if they are a suitable buyer for your clinic & if that is the case we work with them through our sales funnel starting with a Non-Disclosure Agreement followed by sending them your Sales Prospectus that showcases your practice.
Hence, if now is the time that you wish to sell your clinic, it may be a, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Podiatry, GP, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Osteopathy, Psychology, or other type of clinic. Please contact us by phone or email & we will be able to assist you with your inquiry. If you decide to sell your clinic you know we will do all that we can, as quickly as we can to sell it during these difficult times.