Are allied health practices for sale in your ideal suburb constantly just out of your financial reach? If your money to purchase a clinic is burning a hole in your pocket and you have amassed enough for a deposit, but as soon as you are ready to enquire on a listing that is in the perfect location the price of the opportunity is just a little out of reach. Unfortunately (or fortunately), many aspiring first time purchasers are in the same boat. You should not let opportunities just out of your reach put a hold on your aspirations of purchasing a new practice.

If you find yourself priced out of your desired location, never fear as there are several ways you can still purchase a practice (it may be a Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Chiropractic, GP, Osteopathy, Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, or another type of clinic) that suits your needs.

Have a Look at Surrounding Suburbs

We recommend widening your search to the surrounding suburbs or even nearby regional areas. If the prices in the areas neighbouring your ideal location are more at your comfort spending level, this can be a great start to build a practice in a location as close as possible to your desired area.

Consider Going Smaller for Your Practice Purchase

If location is more important to you than the actual allied health clinic, are you able to compromise and purchase a smaller clinic? Such as purchasing a clinic with only 3 current staff instead of a much larger practice with 14 staff for example. If your answer is yes, we suggest starting small before working your way up the ladder to purchase a much larger practice in the desired area. As your smaller allied health clinic builds over time, you could then look at selling your smaller practice to purchase the clinic of your dreams.

Do not let being priced out of your ideal practice location dampen your goals of purchasing an allied health clinic in your dream area. We here at Healthcare Practice Sales can help you find a clinic in the location you desire.